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Contact Lens Fittings and Evaluations

Contact Lens Fitting​Contact lenses are very beneficial to those in need of visual correction and are a great alternative for patients who do not enjoy wearing glasses. Contact lenses today are made with comfort in mind and there are a variety of options available to  you. We offer a wide selection of contact lenses, whether you wear daily, weekly or monthly disposables, we will make sure each patient finds a lens which is the most comfortable to wear while maximizing the patients ocular health by increasing the available oxygen to the cornea.

Here at Yonge & College Optometry we understand the high level of care which must be taken to choose the best type of contact lens for each individual person and their unique lifestyle needs. Each of our contact lens fitting exams is tailored to the individual; taking into account the physical characteristics of their eyes and their current lifestyle and visual needs. Our optometrists take as much time as is necessary to ensure long-term health and safety of the patient. Our contact lens fitting exam enables us to determine the best lens based on the needs and health of your eyes. We conduct an external evaluation of the ocular surface and specific corneal curvature measurements are used to guide the doctor in recommending the optimal contact lens for the patient.

Whether you are looking to try contact lenses for the first time or are a regular wearer of contact lenses we can provide you with the necessary care needed to ensure the health and safety of your eyes. We teach all our patients the correct way to handle and care for the lenses and continue with long-term follow ups to make sure you are still wearing the appropriate lenses for your lifestyle and visual needs.