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Accidents Happen—We Can Help

Accidents are part of life, and sometimes eye injuries can occur. Yonge & College Optometry is here for your eye emergency questions and concerns. Eye emergencies can vary and come in different forms, from chemical spills to floaters and even retinal detachments.

If you feel that you may have a serious eye injury and need medical treatment, give our office a call immediately, and we can advise you further.

Call us at (647) 748-3937.

What Not to Do If You Have an Eye Injury

If you are experiencing an eye injury, it is important that you call our office or visit the emergency room.

Try your best not to irritate the injury further by avoiding the following before visiting a doctor:

  • Rubbing or putting pressure on the eye
  • Trying to remove an object yourself, either with your hands or tools
  • Putting any treatments in your eye that were not prescribed to you by a doctor

Types of Eye Injuries

Depending on how you may have hurt your eye, there are many different injuries that your eye can sustain. These can include:

Chemical burns or injuries to the eyes occur when products or cleaners containing chemical ingredients get into the eye. This can often happen during household cleaning or gardening.

Chemicals in the eye can cause damage if not treated and a doctor can make sure the chemical is washed out of the eye properly.

Retinal detachment can occur when the retina becomes separated from the blood vessels it is attached to, causing vision irregularities and even vision loss if untreated. High myopia can increase the risk of developing issues like retinal detachments, so consistent eye exams are essential.

Symptoms of retinal detachment include floaters, blurry vision, and flashes of light. Our doctors can detect detachment through an exam and provide treatment to help prevent complications.

Floaters, or spots in your vision, can occur when small particles get trapped in the clear fluid of your eye. This can also occur when the fluid in your eye breaks down with age. These transparent spots vary in shape and size and can be detected by a doctor during an eye exam.

A foreign object in your eye refers to any object in your eye causing redness, pain, or pressure. Common foreign objects can include dust, dirt, metal, glass, or sand. If the object is difficult to remove or wash out, or symptoms continue, we can provide emergency treatment to help.

Scratches to the surface of the cornea, or corneal abrasions, usually occur when foreign or sharp objects get into the eye and cause abrasions. Corneal abrasions can cause a gritty feeling in the eye, pain, blurry vision, redness, and headaches and should be looked at by a doctor so that an infection does not start.

Swollen eyelids can occur when there is a buildup of fluid around the eye and are often combined with inflammation, redness, and soreness. There are many potential causes of swollen eyelids, including infections, allergies, and styes. If the swelling persists or impairs your vision, you should visit an eye doctor.

Double vision, or diplopia, can cause objects you are seeing to appear doubled. This can happen in one or both eyes. Double vision can point to an eye condition or disease that requires medical attention and needs to be examined by a doctor.

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Our team is one call away if you need assistance with an eye injury or emergency. Call us today, and we can advise you further.

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